Knitting Books

Some of my favorite books, in no particular order. 🙂

61f4mqnG17L._AA160_I think this book has all the cast on and bind off methods you might ever need.  The instructions are clear with pictures to help you on your way.  I recommend it for all knitters.



51PmfVCXXDL._AA160_ This is one book everyone should have.  It is my go-to reference for all things knitting.  The explanations are clear and concise. New editions come with a  DVD. Yikes!  I sure would like one of those.  When I got my copy, it didn’t have  DVD.  So sad.  Thank goodness for YouTube!  You can also get the eBook version and the paper version from


51Y4V3+D57L._AA160_This is one of my favorite knit stuffed animal books.  I made the elephant for my daughter and the giraffe for my Mom.  She loved giraffes.  Mom had a couple in her house. Not real ones for  goodness sake. But that would have cool.  One was metal about 3 ft. high and the other one was made out of some sort of paper mache I think, also about 3 ft. high. The patterns are easy to read and knit. For your favorite child no matter what their age.