Sorry it’s been so long.  I have finished another hat for hubby.  He is so cute, he just loves hats.  I went to the yarn store to pick him out some yarn for it. He sent me with the instructions to maybe get a more lively color other than the usual earth tones. So I came back with 2. One was more earth tone than the other.  He chose the earth tone green. I knew he would :).  Anyway it took me a little while to finish it. He asked me why. I told him it is hard to get excited about working on a boring color.  He looked at it and finally agreed it was kind of boring.  He thought it might be too big.  His comment was “Well, that’s ok. If it doesn’t fit you can make me another.”  He cracks me up.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely prefer pretty colors and soft yarns to work with.  It is relaxing and peaceful.

Til next time….happy knitting and weaving – Caroline

About Caroline

Hi! My name is Caroline and have been told I am a little obsessed with knitting and weaving. Statements I can't really deny. My husband is awesome and fully supports and occasionally enables my obsession. He has lots of great ideas for various knitting and weaving projects. No really and honestly he does have great ideas. We have 3 great kids and 2 dogs.
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