Contradictory Thoughts

Do your thoughts sometimes feel like ping pong balls in your head? Mine sure do. Take last night for instance, my husband and I were chatting and for some reason we got on the topic of contradictory thoughts. Well for me it happens a lot, contradictory thoughts that is.

Contradictory thoughts.  You know like those…. yes I want cookies, oh bummer I am trying to be good and not eat sweets, oh but peanut butter cookies sound so good. No I want to lose a couple of pounds. But peanut butter cookies sound so good. Arrggghhh!  What to do?

This discussion lead to more thoughts of what contradictory thoughts I have. So here are some…I want to knit, I am too tired to knit, but I want to knit, oh I want weave, I am too tired to weave, I want to retire, oh I would be so bored if I retired, I love my job, I want to retire, I love my job, oh how about chocolate chip cookies, I have been so good, no chocolate chip cookies. LOL, those thoughts just kept ping ponging in my head and multiplying with every bounce.  Am I the only one?

So last night the bottom line was no knitting, no weaving, and no cookies of any kind. After all that ping ponging in my head, I just went to bed.

Happy knitting and weaving and ping ponging. Until next time – Caroline

Contradictory Thoughts

Contradictory Thoughts

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Hi! My name is Caroline and have been told I am a little obsessed with knitting and weaving. Statements I can't really deny. My husband is awesome and fully supports and occasionally enables my obsession. He has lots of great ideas for various knitting and weaving projects. No really and honestly he does have great ideas. We have 3 great kids and 2 dogs.
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