Secret Project Number 2 Revealed!

The other secret project I worked on and completed this year was a counted cross stitch eagle I started in 2000. Yikes, that was 15 years ago. I started this project when our oldest son, Zach was in high school. I think he was a sophomore. I figured I had 3 years to finished it and I would give it to him for graduation. (In the interest of full disclosure I probably had delusions I would finish it for his birthday, Hahahahahaha.) Needless to say I did not finish it for his birthday or his high school graduation, or his 1st Associates degrees, or his 2nd Associates degree, or his Bachelors degree, or his graduation from deputy sheriff school. Sigh.

He would ask casually in passing every once in a while when I would finish it. Sigh.

Last Christmas he got to come home for the holidays and once again he asked me about it. This time he asked, ‘Mom, how many degrees do I have to get before I get the eagle?’ Well that did it. I was on a mission now to finish it for his birthday, the one in 2015!

You may ask yourself, what the heck took you so dang long to finish it. Did I fail to mention it was on black, 14 count cloth? Fourteen tiny black squares per inch. And many, many shades of tan and brown. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. I started devoting my Saturday’s and Sunday’s to working on it, in front of the window, during daylight under a high powered LED lamp. (Evenings were devoted to knitting 8 cowls.) The good news was I got to watch the entire series of Gilmore Girls and Grace and Frankie on Netflix, plus a bunch of NCIS shows. Yes, I finished it and had it framed in plenty of time for his birthday. It was pretty good timing, we got to give it to him in person after the wedding. He just bought his first home so of course I told him that’s what I was waiting for all along. He didn’t buy that story.  😊 I think it’s safe to say he liked it. He probably thought he would never see it completed. I was beginning to think that too, but sometimes guilt is the perfect motivator. Check out the pictures below of the final product.

Happy Knitting and Weaving! Until next time – Caroline

Unframed Eagle


Framed Eagle


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Hi! My name is Caroline and have been told I am a little obsessed with knitting and weaving. Statements I can't really deny. My husband is awesome and fully supports and occasionally enables my obsession. He has lots of great ideas for various knitting and weaving projects. No really and honestly he does have great ideas. We have 3 great kids and 2 dogs.
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