Secret Project Number 1 Revealed!

It’s been a very busy year and I have been working on some secret projects. So secret I couldn’t even whisper about it here. But now I can! Our daughter got married in October and I knit 8 cowls for her and her 7 bridesmaids. There were 4 in a burgundy color and 4 in a pretty burnt orange color. The pattern was a simple one, knit in the round, with 3 rows of lace, one at the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end. The pattern is Dew Drops Cowl by Kelly Kingston at I figured if I was going to knit 8 of them the pattern would have to be a balance between easy but not boring, not hard but interesting enough I wouldn’t go screaming into the woods after finishing two. I do believe this pattern meets those requirements. At least it did for me. I think the other trick, besides the pattern, was alternating the colors. One burgundy and then one burnt orange.

I used Cascade Superwash yarn for three reasons. It’s washable, they have so many colors to choose from it was easy to find 2 colors to match Sam’s wedding colors and colors the bridesmaids would wear through the Fall and Winter. And it is very reasonably priced.

It was so sweet, I think the girls really liked them. Making these was a gift of love, for Sam and her bridesmaids and I really enjoyed knitting them. I finished the last one while we were in Ireland in May with 4 months to spare! But because they were a surprise I had to wait until after the wedding to post about them. Dang that was really hard to do too. I am a really good secret keeper with everything excepts gifts. I get so excited I want to give them right away! I took a couple of pictures of each color after they were washed and blocked.

Happy Knitting and weaving! Until next time – Caroline


Wrapped finish cowl

Finished cowl

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