Ireland 2015

My husband and I spent 2 weeks in May in the beautiful county of Ireland!  Oh My, if you want some inspiration, this is a wonderful place to visit.  The people are very friendly and speak English.  The countryside is absolutely gorgeous.  In May, the weather was still cool and people were still wearing wool sweaters, hats and gloves.  We spent hours in the wool shops in every town we visited.  There were so many sweaters of all kinds and different designs and cable patterns.  There were hats, scarves and blankets of all colors. The first couple of days it was overwhelming.   We would look and look and then head to a pub and for the best Guinness on the planet (in my humble opinion).  Then we would go back to the wool shop and try to decide which sweater we liked best.

The sweaters and hats were knit but many of the scarves and most of the blankets were woven.  I was in heaven!!  So many beautiful knit and woven items.  It took me forever to make a decision on what to buy and for who (whom?).    My husband loved the sweaters also.  He found 2 he really liked.  I must say he looks quite handsome in those sweaters.  Of course, we will have to wait until Winter to wear them.

More on Ireland later. But here are a few pictures.

Happy Knitting and Weaving…..Until next time – Caroline


C Irish sweater


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