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I do love knitting hats.  They are fun, functional and fast.  It’s a good thing too.  My favorite hat customer lost one of his alpaca hats I made and requested another one.  It is what I lovingly call the ‘Night Camo’ hat because it’s all black.  Have you ever knit an all black hat?  Well let me tell you black is not my favorite color to knit.  It’s hard to see and hard to pick up mistakes.  But after knitting 3 Night Camo hats I have learned a few things about knitting with very dark colors.

The most expensive but so worth it was replacing the CFL light bulbs in the living room ceiling with LED light bulbs.  The bulbs are a little pricey but the light is much brighter and they will save on energy bills.  I like the LED bulbs so much we are slowly replacing them throughout the house.

The next thing I learned was to keep the stitch markers on the needles that I use to keep count when I cast on.  I always place a stitch marker every 20 stitches when I cast on so I don’t have to keep counting from the beginning.  I have found this helps boatloads to ensure I have the correct number of stitches starting out.  Leaving the stitch markers on makes it easier to spot mistakes sooner.  This hat pattern has four inches of knit 2, purl 2 ribbing and it’s really hard to see the stitches in the black. So you know right away if you got off the pattern if you don’t end with a purl stitch before each stitch marker.  If do get off the pattern at least the most you will have to undo is 20 stitches.  I am telling you this saved me so much frustration.

And lastly if you put a white or light colored towel, pillowcase or some type of fabric on your lap while knitting it helps reflect the light so the stitches are easier to see.

I am working on writing the pattern for this hat since it seems to be favorite.  I will post it when it’s done.  Check out the picture of the Night Camo hat.

Until next time, Happy Knitting and Weaving – Caroline

Night Camo Hat Side View

Night Camo Hat Side View

Night Camo Hat (View 1)

Night Camo Hat Top

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