Lace Part 1

I have always admired lace projects. They are so pretty and impressive and look soooo hard to knit. I was sure I would never, ever in a kabillion years ever knit anything lace.  I would admire the samples in yarn stores and in magazines. I would look at the patterns and sigh. I couldn’t figure them out.  Then one day a list of knitting classes at my local yarn store arrived in the mail.  Low and behold there was a lace scarf class listed.  It look easy and pretty and it was only listed for 4 classes so how hard could it be? I signed up.

The instructor was great. Thanks Mary! The repeat was 8 rows and Mary taught us how to use a life line to mark every so many rows in case we needed to rip back to a known good spot. She also taught us about using stitch markers to mark repeats in the row.

Geez, did you know lace is essentially well placed yarn overs and knit 2 togethers? It sounds so simple and easy, though I still don’t get charts.  I do have to admit this pattern, Snowdrop Lace Scarf designed by Donna Arney from Gardiner Yarn Works, seemed pretty easy and logical to me.  It went fast and I was pretty much done by the end of class. (A major feat for me.)

Snowdrop Lace Scarf designed by Donna Arney, Gardiner Yarn Works

Snowdrop Lace Scarf designed by Donna Arney, Gardiner Yarn Works using On Your Toes Bamboo by Kertzer

Ok, so I finished the scarf and I think it looks pretty good. My confidence is pretty high right now. During the class I got up to stretch and look at all the pretty yarns and I found the most beautiful shimmer lace silk in varigated blues, greens, pinks and purples.  These are my favorite colors. I bought a skein (1000 yards) and now only needed a project. Hmmm, what should I knit with this awesome silk?  I had no idea but I was confident I would figure it out….eventually.

Stay tuned for Lace Part 2.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Love this wonderful piece of work, job well done!!

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