Christmas is Coming!

SnoBuddy Family (KnittingAtKnoon Pattern,

SnoBuddy Family (KnittingAtKnoon Pattern,

Good Morning Everyone,

Christmas is coming! Are you ready? I am so not ready, but I have been working on it. I have some waffle weave towels on one loom and just bought some chunky wool for some coasters for the little loom. I have ordered the ingredients for lotion bars and started some cute knitted Christmas ornaments.

Oh my! I think I need more time. Or a leave of absence from my day job. Wouldn’t that be great if we could get paid leave before Christmas to make all our presents? Ok, that was way out there. I think I may still be asleep and dreaming.  Need more coffee!

Happy knitting and weaving….Caroline

About Caroline

Hi! My name is Caroline and have been told I am a little obsessed with knitting and weaving. Statements I can't really deny. My husband is awesome and fully supports and occasionally enables my obsession. He has lots of great ideas for various knitting and weaving projects. No really and honestly he does have great ideas. We have 3 great kids and 2 dogs.
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