I live in beautiful rural America, a river in my backyard, a house out of the flood plain, wonderful friends and neighbors.  It’s Fall and the leaves are starting to turn. We have deer and turkey that come visit and are used to seeing us. It is truly a peaceful place.

There isn’t much I miss about living near a big city.  With one exception… visiting my local yarn shop for a fiber fix.  You know those days when work is not going well, the beginning of a migraine starts on the edges of your brain, your co-workers start avoiding you and your family suggests you may need a day off, far far away?  I think everyone has those days once in awhile.  Well, on those days I used to go to my favorite yarn shop and while away the time reveling in all the beautiful colors, checking for softness of each new yarn, admiring the samples hung around the shop.  It usually took about 10 minutes after entering the shop for the stress to roll off and away.  I would then spend the next hour looking, touching, thinking, planning and finally digging out my credit card.  Ahh what joy and peace.

My nearest local yarn shop is now 1 1/2 hours away so I don’t get there as often as I wish or need.  When I can’t, I visit my memories and my stash.  🙂  You would think my stash would be decreasing since moving here.  Shhhhh – don’t tell anyone but I think it might be growing.  I seem to over compensate when I do get to a shop.

As the weather turns cooler and the colors become more vibrant outside with every passing day, I find myself craving a visit to a yarn shop.  I try to look at various yarn websites but it’s just not the same if you can’t touch and caress the yarn and talk to folks at the same time.  I really must plan a trip very very soon.

Enjoy this time of year, take a trip to your favorite yarn shop and send your peaceful fiber vibes back to me.

Until next time, Happy knitting and weaving – Caroline

About Caroline

Hi! My name is Caroline and have been told I am a little obsessed with knitting and weaving. Statements I can't really deny. My husband is awesome and fully supports and occasionally enables my obsession. He has lots of great ideas for various knitting and weaving projects. No really and honestly he does have great ideas. We have 3 great kids and 2 dogs.
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